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13 Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving into a new House

Moving is stressful at the least. And it comes with a price too! So help yourself by following these 13 cheap moving tips below:

1.Plan your moving expenses early on.

Planning your moving expenses well ahead of time will you help you identify and cut back on costs that you won’t really need. Moreover, it will alert you if there’s a need for additional funds giving you enough time to control your spending. 

2. Hire a local moving company (if you’re planning to get help).

Hiring a mover to help you out with relocating sounds risky right? But it doesn’t have to be if you choose your mover wisely. For peace of mind, hire only professional and trusted movers in your area. This may come with a price tag but it’s well-worth it for the reduced stress and effort you are to spare yourself from.

3. Shop around for the best prices.

Don’t focus on one moving company. Get as many quotes as you can. This way you can compare the costs and get the best possible service at a fair price.

4. Schedule the best time to move out.

If you have full control over your moving date, schedule and book it early. Some movers do offer discounts for early bookings. You can also select your move-out day on the months of September to May which are off-peak season, to get a good deal from movers.

5. Use coupons.

Your US Post Office change of address packet comes with a few good coupons from moving companies, so be sure to check those out and take advantage of them. You can also visit coupon sites like Groupon to get some good deals on moving necessities.

6. Get rid of stuff you don’t need.

Do a massive clean up before moving and schedule a garage sale for those slightly or never before used items you have. Aside from earning a few more dollars for your moving expenses, you can also avoid paying to move those items.

7. Use those old luggage bags as moving boxes.

Fill in your luggage bags with clothes and linens. This way, you can save on moving boxes and getting your clothes ready when you arrive would be so much easier.

8. Get slightly used moving boxes.

Visit your local retailer or recycling center for slightly used moving boxes. They are far more cheaper than buying new ones. Sometimes you can also get free packing bubbles or paper to protect your breakables.

9. Don’t go crazy over buying all your packing materials.

Your baskets, buckets, suitcases (as mentioned in #5), drawers, and bags can serve as good moving containers so you can save on moving boxes. While your pillows, blankets, bed sheets, towels, socks and all other piece of clothing are good for wrapping and cushioning your fragile and delicate belongings.

10. Recycle.

Old magazines, school papers, phone books, and junk mail can all be used as good packing papers. While doing your cleaning, be sure to set aside those papers so that you can make use of them later. 

11. Visit a Dollar Store.

Though you can save money by repurposing some moving necessities, buying some needed materials is inevitable. However, it doesn’t have to be costly. Be sure to check the Dollar Store or another discount retailer before heading into your favorite store for boxes and packing material. If you have time to plan, you can even buy packing supplies in bulk online.

12. Get some FREE help.

Having friends and family members around during a move isn’t only about emotional support. They can also help you out with some tasks like carrying boxes, organizing your new home or looking over the kids while you’re busy working on moving or unpacking into your new home.

13.  Lastly, be ready with a moving checklist.

Saving time is saving money. I bet you’ll agree. So if you have detailed checklist for the move, you can save up a lot of your time and be able to do more work. 


Happy moving, friends!

The Minimalist Mover: Packing Smart and Light

Whether you’re hiring a professional mover or making the move yourself, packing lighter will make your move 10,000 times easier. But how do you actually go about “packing lighter”? 

Minimalism is the idea that you can live better with less things. While most of us imagine a room without color or personality, you can have a home packed with personality and not be hoarding boxes and boxes of things you never use and only sort of enjoy having in your home. So without any further delay, here’s the top three secrets for how to move like a minimalist and pack not only lighter, but also a little smarter. Ready? Let’s go!

Make a Game Plan

Being a minimalist is all about taking inventory and figuring out what you know you’ll use, what you love and what you don’t need or love. Moving is a perfect opportunity to go room by room and get rid of what you don’t need, don’t want and don’t love. Make a list as you pack and take inventory. Later, as you’re unpacking, you’ll have a clear idea of what you have, where it goes and what else you might be able to weed out. You’ll want to start this process at least six weeks before your move and move towards more “can’t live without” items as you get closer to your move. If you can’t go by room, move by item. Start with out of season clothes or books instead of the office, for example. 

Don’t Need It? Toss it. 

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to decluttering is holding onto things just because you feel like you should, it was a gift from a friend or because you’ve had it for a long time. When you’re sorting through difficult things like this, just remember: it doesn’t matter how long you’ve had something or who gave it to you. What does matter is if it holds legitimate value and is useful. When it comes to being the minimalist mover, this is a step you just can’t skip. If you don’t love it, toss it. 

Set Attainable Goals 

If you thought about it long enough, you could probably think of a “use” for everything in your house; even the things you don’t love and never use. In order to keep yourself from holding onto things you don’t need, set attainable goals and follow through. Have a friend help you out and support you in the process. Bounce ideas off of each other. Maybe make a goal to get rid of ⅓ of your clothing, or fill three trash bags and three donation bins. Your reward? Less things to move and worry about later! 

black and white minimalist living room – rendering

Being a minimalist mover can be both stressful and exciting. But in the end, the rewards are endless. You’ll be happier, feel lighter and you’ll know without one shout of a doubt that everything in your home is loved and serves a real purpose. Moving like a minimalist can reduce stress and mean less to pack if you ever move again. Oh, and cleaning will be 10,000 times easier, we guarantee it! 

Moving? How To Pack Your Car Efficiently

When it comes to moving, a good reliable moving company will pack and load most of your things and make sure they end up safely where they’re supposed to go. But sometimes, there are things you’ll want to pack yourself or the moving company you choose can’t take care of simply due to liability and such. No There’s no reason to fear, though. There are ways to pack your car in an efficient and easy way to allow for the safe delivery of your items and less stress for your move!

Plan and Practice, Practice, Practice! 

practice before you move

When it comes to your car, you know how much room you have and what you can and cannot carry. You know if the seats in your Nissan Rogue fold down or if there’s a way to expand the trunk by dropping the back seats down in your Toyota Corolla. In other words, you are your cars ultimate expert. If you are the only one riding in the car, the passenger seats, back seats and floor board are great storage areas other than the trunk. Plan how you’ll use every inch and cranny of the space in your car before it’s time to load…you can even get in some beforehand practice and test out what all you can fit in your car. This can be helpful because you won’t be assuming you can fit more than you really can. Although, the more you can send on the moving truck, the better. 

You Can Fit More Than You Think 

Boxing up your clothes can be a nightmare. You might think you don’t have anything to wear, but that doubt will vanish when it’s time to pack the clothes in your drawers and closets up. This can be true of many things. Sports equipment, winter coats, bedding, etc. But never fear, because vacuum bags, people! That’s right. These things work wonders when it comes to moving. Piles of clothes suddenly morph into a blanket size bag and fit under the seats with ease. Ahhh. Say goodbye to stress and hello to extra room. With proper maneuvering, you can fit much more than you ever thought possible in that backseat. 

Bags Over Boxes 

You might have a hard time thinking of trash bags for anything besides garbage, but we’ve got a secret for you: They’re good for a lot of things besides trash. One of those things happens to be packing and moving. When possible, bags are better than boxes for bedding and pillows and things like deflated pool toys and tents and things because it makes it easier for you to fit them into tight spaces. Plus, if you’re purchasing boxes, they’re significantly cheaper! 


Moving from point A to point B doesn’t have to be exhausting, stressful and crazy. Say goodbye to crazy life meltdowns and hello to packed and moved with ease. What are your best tips for a move? Leave your response in the comments!

Are You In Need Of Affordable Moving Services?

Are you tired of your current apartment and feel the need to move to another apartment? Is your family too big for the small apartment and there is a dire need to get a bigger house? Well, when this comes, the one important thing that you seriously want to do is first of all get the relocation place of your choice. Now, this may not be very complicated as the next process that follows; moving!

When planning to move there are so many factors that should be considered.

Factors to Consider:

  • Who will move your stuff

This is a very important question because it may mean either your moving will be hard or easier. It is always advisable to go for a moving company that has structured departments and with streamlined operations. This is important because it also means that the services you will be given will be of high quality.

  • Budget

It is very important to consider the extent of your budget. This is because different moving companies will come with different price levels. You can get affordable moving companies that can give you the kind of services that you require. This is very important because the last thing you want is to have to pay for moving services and end up spending all your saved money.

  • The distance of your moving

When moving, it is important to consider the distance that you will be covering. This is because there are companies that cover long distances while others will only do short distances. Local moving is popular among many companies and it is wise to know the actual distance you will be covering. Some companies have their distance limits in their websites, whereby you can tell whether they can cover you or not.

  • Nature of your move

Are you moving residences or is it your company? It is wise to get a moving company that specializes either on residential or company moving. This is because for a residential moving company, they are specialized in handling the home appliances as compared to the office documents.

Important Considerations to Make During Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving can be involving and most times tiring. It is especially more hectic if you have to move with your family, and in cases where you had a lot of luggage to pack. People who try to have DIY (Do It Yourself) long distance removals have even a harder time as compared to people who hire companies to help them.

To be on the safe side during long distance removals, you should hire the best moving companies to help you.  People think that trying to do moving on their own will reduce the total costs paid. However, it can be very risky because of:

  • Lack of skills necessary for removals
  • Lack of proper packing boxes
  • Lack of insurance to cover any possible damages
  • Lack of manpower to help in packing
  • Lack of well serviced and big trucks for removals

In the light of the above factors, it easier for you to hire the best long distance removal company that to go the DIY way. You will have a very time since the companies already have the skills, manpower, facilities and insurance cover for the removals.

Having selected professional moving companies, you have to be careful about certain things if at all the whole moving process will be easy. These include the following:

  • Ensuring that there is someone present during the packing process. Most times, removal companies have people to pack your luggage at a fee. It is important that someone else-other than the removal company’s, finds out if everything is packed into the truck. This should also apply during the offloading processing.
  • Emptying some households such as refrigerators. This is the only way of ensuring that spillages do not occur to the rest of luggage.
  • Avoiding polishing furniture just before the removals. This can cause a lot of mess in other items or even damage the furniture if not everything is not well handled.

Proper planning before the long distance removals is very important.  This type of planning should be done in advance, taking into considerations things like the budget and the timing of the removals.

Having followed all the procedures above, and with proper planning, you will have a very easy time during the long distance removals. Actually, you will have a hassle free moving.

Moving Within Your Budget

Moving is a real hassle by any standards. It is one of those things that almost everyone dreads. It is also one of those things that must get done at some point in life. Not a lot of people are lucky enough to stay in one place all their life. Hiring a moving company is one of the decisions that have to be made during this time.

Some people don’t consider moving companies mostly because of the cost. For some people, it is hard to afford the cost of hiring professional movers. It is possible to find affordable moving companies. Most moving companies charge their rates depending on the services. For someone considering moving, there are a few ways to make sure that you can afford movers.

One way to do that is do the packing yourself. Full service moving companies offer packing and boxing services. This may add to the cost of the moving process. If you can not afford the extra service, doing it yourself is always an option. When you pack your stuff you will know how to best do it. All you need are the appropriate packing materials.

Packing yourself however may have its disadvantages. In case anything got damaged during the move because it was not packed properly, the moving company would not be liable for it. This is however the risk that comes with getting moving services that fit your budget.

It is always important to check on the quotes that a specific moving company offers you. When you know what it will cost you. You can budget for it better. The amount of things you need to move will also determine the cost. You can make sure that you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff when packing.

Qualities That Define the Best Moving Companies

Moving has never been so easy; at least the majority agree to this. And while this is the case, there are some service providers who make the whole a bit manageable. These are the moving and storage companies, who do anything and everything to ensure that people from all settings can easily relocate. In actual sense, without the existence of these service providers, moving can be very strenuous.

Whereas you can appreciate that moving companies are good and worthwhile hiring, there are some of them that have shown an outstanding performance. People actually select the same service providers times and again due to the quality of services given. These companies have the following qualities:

  • Reliability

The best moving companies can be relied upon to provide moving services efficiently. They invest in the best facilities and manpower to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the removals.

  • Professionalism

When you need to relocate, you will need to ensure that everything is handled in a professional way- from loading, transport to offloading services. Communication should also be perfect so that you are able to know the actual timing of the removals, and when the whole process will be completed. The employees are also supposed to be qualified and experience to handle the moving task at hand with excellence. This sort of professionalism is what good movers offer you.

  • Insurance cover

Anything can happen during the removals, causing damages to your luggage. Accidents, theft, misplacement of items can always lead to serious losses of property during a relocation process. It is for this reason that good movers will have pre-arranged insurance cover against such losses.

  • Affordability

The best movers do not exploit the clients. Rather, they provide services at a reasonable rate. More so, they may provide a number of moving options in which case the clients can decide on the most affordable option for them.

The best movers are well known, and as such easy to locate. Therefore, you will not take long before you hear someone mention a company with the qualities above. A little research through the search engines will also help to find the best moving companies in a given location.

Make Relocation Easy With the Best Moving Companies

Moving from one place to another is always associated with headaches, hustles and tussles. This is because you have to gather everything together in a systematic way, arrange everything in their kind and then get a transportation means. This is usually not easy. The difficult part comes when you have to resettle in your new location. Some people take forever to get fully settled in their new surroundings. It is for this reason you should employ the services of the best moving companies.

There are so many of these companies in the marker right now. That is why it is very wise to know the exact one to go for.  Some companies are known to specialize on some services while others can do almost everything. That is why it is important to know exactly what you need from the moving company.

Types of Moving Companies

There are some full service moving companies which offer wide range of services. With these, you do not have to worry for anything. All you have to do is to decide on the moving date. You wake up and go to work normally and in the evening, you go home to your new house or apartment! It is that easy! The company usually comes with their professional moving staff who will pack everything in your house in the best way possible. They later move it to your destination and re-arrange it as you would want.

There are other companies though who only deal with residential moving. These are the residential moving companies. Therefore, if you are a corporation, you may want to know the nature of the company you should deal with.  This is very helpful because as a corporation, you may have some materials or documents that are very sensitive and confidential. To handle such materials, you may require a different type of a moving company.  This will also give you the highest satisfaction that all will be quite okay. With the help of professional moving companies, all your moving needs and concerns are met to the maximum.

The Benefits of Choosing Local Movers

Are you thinking of moving? Are you having a hard time choosing local movers? Well, here are some insights that will help you.

Moving is not easy; it is stressful and involving. In this regard, you will need to make an excellent choice when it comes to the service providers. You will need a lot of support and efficiency during the removals, and only the best local movers can help you achieve this.local moving companies

Local movers can do more than other moving companies can do. Why is this so? Firstly, these companies know their way in the city. They know the areas that are safe and those that are not. As such, you will efficiently move in and out of the local area, hence avoiding time wastage.

Most of the local removal companies can easily anticipate your needs. This is because they have been operating in the same place, providing the same services to the people in the same locality. With this experience, they will provide the best services due to proper planning and good calculations in moving.

You can easily find local removal companies because the service providers are well known. More so, the reputable companies are easily traced from the word of mouth. Still, the companies would not want to build a wrong reputation in a locality where they can easily be traced by the residents. Further, the rates are also likely to be affordable as the movers try to build a good reputation with the local people.

To find the best moving companies, you should observe the following qualities:

  • The facilities. This means that they should have enough packing facilities, well serviced trucks and any other essential thing needed for removals
  • Affordability. You do not have to empty your pockets to get removal services.  In essence compare prices between various service providers.
  • Reputation. It is good to find out how people perceive a certain company before engaging them for service provision.
  • Legitimacy. You should always engage a company that has been registered by the authorities, something that should be clear from the available movers’ directories in your local area

In the ultimate end, you must find a good local removal company for a stress free moving.

Everything You Need To Know About Packing and Moving Companies

Have you been wondering what moving companies do? Would you want to have a complete understanding of these companies? Well, if so, continue reading this write-up.

Moving companies are founded with the sole purpose of helping people to re-locate from one place to another. They also help people who wish to have some goods moved from one place to the other. A certain fee is charged for these services, an amount in which can be paid after the services have been rendered.

Basically, there are two types of movers. These are:

  • Residential moving companies
  • Commercial moving companies

Residential movers, as the name suggests help people to move from a residential area to another. Commercial movers will help move people from offices or work places to similar places.

Most professional moving companies have trucks or vans to carry luggage. These vehicles are designed in such a way that they will be ideal to carry a lot of luggage without any break down. The vehicles also vary in sizes, and it will depend with the kind and the size of luggage an individual has.

You can find several types of services from the moving companies. These are:

  • Full services moving
  • Partial services moving

In the case of full services in moving, everything that is needed during removals will be provided by the moving company. This includes: packing, loading and offloading of luggage, transportation services, and unpacking. They will also provide special boxes and special blankets for packing the goods in a way that they will not break.

Partial moving services means that the company may choose to do a few things in removals while leaving the rest to the clients. This kind of choice is ideal for people who want to cut on the costs of moving. It is also possible when a company does not have the capacity to do full removals.

Most of removing companies can be located easily from the online sources. They always have websites where all their contact details are posted, and where can book for these services. Still, a word of mouth can help when one is searching for the same services.