Six Benefits Of Using Vinyl Siding For Home Remodeling Or Otherwise


Vinyl siding is definitely a great option (especially if you cannot “afford” other alternatives. Some of you might still be on the fence about doing something like vinyl siding on your house (even as part of a home improvement project). But you shouldn’t be! Vinyl siding is a great choice for most homes. It’s durable and commonly used throughout the US.

worker installing vinyl siding on a ladder with nail gun

Here are six reasons why you should consider using vinyl as part of your home improvement strategy, or anything else for that matter.

1) It is going to enhance your curb appeal(especially for home value or resale value). The sides of your house are not going to show any cracks or chips. Siding installation is a great way to go if you want to avoid future flaking.

2) Siding installation will give you color that lasts a long time. The color is going to go all the way through the material. You have more than 300 hundred vinyl colors to choose from. They all retain the color through industry performance standards.

Sometimes you need some siding repair. Not every color lasts with the materials you use. Cedar fades with time and costs a lot to maintain for example. Vinyl colors will last much longer than a few years (especially if you keep them maintained properly).

You also have plenty of styles and accessories to choose from when looking for some way to do siding repair.

3) Yes, you will have to keep it maintained to prevent siding damage. However, the maintenance is much less when you choose vinyl. All you have to do is hose off the dirt and debris every so often to prevent siding damage.

There are times when you encounter some stubborn stains or even algae. All you have to do is use some mild soap and water to clean the siding off gently.

4) Another great thing about using vinyl is that it keeps away the mold and mildew fairly well. Take a look at the sides of your house sometime. You would be amazed at the amount of mold and mildew that finds a place there (that is if you use something other than vinyl).

As long as the vinyl is installed correctly, you should be able to keep any mold and mildew from forming inside or out.

5) It is very lightweight. It is also very easy to install if you want to tackle this yourself.

6) Yes, there is a warranty included. You should be converted if something happens. Make sure you double-check the warranty with the company you go with. Every company has its own way of handling warranties. The bottom line is you should be covered, but it’s often best to deal with a local company and check online reviews just to make sure the warranty will be serviced if needed.


One Final Note

Some of you might not be able to handle the home improvements yourself. That is why you should choose a siding installer you trust. The siding installer will come and install the vinyl sides for a small price. That actual price for hiring a siding installer varies for every location.

Do a Google search and find the installer that works best for you. If you’re in the Huntsville / Athens area, check with the local Ridgeline Construction offices for a free estimate: