Moving? How To Pack Your Car Efficiently

When it comes to moving, a good reliable moving company will pack and load most of your things and make sure they end up safely where they’re supposed to go. But sometimes, there are things you’ll want to pack yourself or the moving company can’t take care of simply due to liability and such. No There’s no reason to fear, though. There are ways to pack your car in an efficient and easy way to allow for the safe delivery of your items and less stress for your move!

Plan and Practice, Practice, Practice! 

practice before you move

When it comes to your car, you know how much room you have and what you can and cannot carry. You know if the seats in your Nissan Rogue fold down or if there’s a way to expand the trunk by dropping the back seats down in your Toyota Corolla. In other words, you are your cars ultimate expert. If you are the only one riding in the car, the passenger seats, back seats and floor board are great storage areas other than the trunk. Plan how you’ll use every inch and cranny of the space in your car before it’s time to load…you can even get in some beforehand practice and test out what all you can fit in your car. This can be helpful because you won’t be assuming you can fit more than you really can. Although, the more you can send on the moving truck, the better. 

You Can Fit More Than You Think 

Boxing up your clothes can be a nightmare. You might think you don’t have anything to wear, but that doubt will vanish when it’s time to pack the clothes in your drawers and closets up. This can be true of many things. Sports equipment, winter coats, bedding, etc. But never fear, because vacuum bags, people! That’s right. These things work wonders when it comes to moving. Piles of clothes suddenly morph into a blanket size bag and fit under the seats with ease. Ahhh. Say goodbye to stress and hello to extra room. With proper maneuvering, you can fit much more than you ever thought possible in that backseat. 

Bags Over Boxes 

You might have a hard time thinking of trash bags for anything besides garbage, but we’ve got a secret for you: They’re good for a lot of things besides trash. One of those things happens to be packing and moving. When possible, bags are better than boxes for bedding and pillows and things like deflated pool toys and tents and things because it makes it easier for you to fit them into tight spaces. Plus, if you’re purchasing boxes, they’re significantly cheaper! 


Moving from point A to point B doesn’t have to be exhausting, stressful and crazy. Say goodbye to crazy life meltdowns and hello to packed and moved with ease. What are your best tips for a move? Leave your response in the comments!

Making Antiques Work in Your Modern Home

Just because you have modern or contemporary tastes, doesn’t mean that Grandmothers antiques have no place in your home. Sure antiques take on a personality of their own, but they do not dominate the space unless you decorate overwhelmingly in antiques. Regardless of your furniture and decorating style, here are some things you can do to help your antique furnishings fit into your home.

Accentuate your antique pieces. It is useless to try to hide your antique furnishings and a shame to put them in the corner where these treasures will not be seen. The best solution is to put your antiques in a prominent place where your family and friends can admire them. Try to think of your antique furniture as precious gems. If diamonds can go with just about anything, so can antiques.

Find balance in your modern and antique decor. When you place an antique furniture item in your home, you need to balance that item by placing a piece or two from your own collection. For example, you can place a sleek simple mission style table between two ornate Asian Chairs. This allows the chairs to shine and breaks up the space so as not to overwhelm the room with the strongly designed items.

Add a modern touch to your antiques. Now I am not recommending a Trading-Spaces type update where you paint your Grandmother’s antiques, including the piano, black. No, I am talking about something much more sane. Instead I recommend that you make small alterations and additions that can be quickly removed or changed back. Consider replacing old drawer knobs and using slip covers on upholstered pieces. Just make sure that the items you use won’t damage the original integrity of the piece.

So whether you have acquired one or more antique home furnishings, you see that just by accentuating your antiques, finding balance among your contemporary items, and adding a modern touch to your antiques, you will have no trouble fitting your new treasures into your home.

Are You In Need Of Affordable Moving Services?

Are you tired of your current apartment and feel the need to move to another apartment? Is your family too big for the small apartment and there is a dire need to get a bigger house? Well, when this comes, the one important thing that you seriously want to do is first of all get the relocation place of your choice. Now, this may not be very complicated as the next process that follows; moving!

When planning to move there are so many factors that should be considered.

Factors to Consider:

  • Who will move your stuff

This is a very important question because it may mean either your moving will be hard or easier. It is always advisable to go for a moving company that has structured departments and with streamlined operations. This is important because it also means that the services you will be given will be of high quality.

  • Budget

It is very important to consider the extent of your budget. This is because different moving companies will come with different price levels. You can get affordable moving companies that can give you the kind of services that you require. This is very important because the last thing you want is to have to pay for moving services and end up spending all your saved money.

  • The distance of your moving

When moving, it is important to consider the distance that you will be covering. This is because there are companies that cover long distances while others will only do short distances. Local moving is popular among many companies and it is wise to know the actual distance you will be covering. Some companies have their distance limits in their websites, whereby you can tell whether they can cover you or not.

  • Nature of your move

Are you moving residences or is it your company? It is wise to get a moving company that specializes either on residential or company moving. This is because for a residential moving company, they are specialized in handling the home appliances as compared to the office documents.

Living Room Furniture Vs. Living Room

Living room

The furnishing of your living room can be best done with living room furniture that is best suited to the size of your living room and the look you want to give to your living room. Before a purchase of living room furniture, assessment of your living room is necessary. You should carefully analyse the space available in your living room, where you are going to fit your wooden or metal furniture.

Sometimes when you visit a furniture store, you find living room furniture pieces that are extremely large and you feel that these furniture items are very fascinating and they have a great appeal to you. You find them very eye-catching but you have to consider the fact that it is equally important besides providing beauty that these items must fit well in the space of your living room. If you cannot place this living room furniture in your house, then why should you purchase it?

So first you should carefully measure the dimension of your living room and then consider the kind of furniture you want to place in that space. You must think what type of furniture can fulfil your needs besides giving a contemporary and classy look to your living room. Some questions must be answered in this context. Does a large sofa complement the furnishing of your living room? Will a couch fit best or you want to go with the sofa? Before going to furniture store, you must make your preferences clear.

You can not accurately evaluate by just looking at the furniture pieces that whether they can fit in your living room or not. Taking measurement of your living room is necessary before making purchase decision. You can use a measuring tape or can simply measure your room with your hands. Another option is to go high-tech and plan your room here. Either way, it is advised that you should take your measuring tape with you, while going to the furniture store. You’ll need dimensions to plug into that nifty room planning site I shared with you above.

Living room furniture is the dominating component of your living room, so it is important to carefully consider the look you want to give to your living room. In living room furniture, sofa is the most important component therefore its appearance is vital to the overall look of the living room.

Do not select that colour for your furniture which does not match the curtain, paint or carpet of your room. Appropriate color of living room furniture adds to the appeal of your living room.

Your surroundings reflect your personality, so you should select that furniture for your living room which reflects your style and taste best. If you often sleep on your sofa, you should select sofa set with a soft cover as these sofas are very comfortable. You can also select leather sofas. Leather furniture is mostly presented in conventional colours such as white or black but nowadays other colours are also introduced.

Now you are ready to go to the furniture store and shop your living room furniture. Most furniture stores have hired sales persons who are there to guide you through the store and help you selecting the furniture. They also assist you in making the right choice and make your selection easy. They also give information about the material of furniture. But you are the buyer, so the final decision is yours.

How to Set Up a Single Parent Home

The unthinkable has happened. Whether through death, divorce, or separation, you’ve become a single parent. From now on, for the foreseeable future, it will be your children and you against the world.

Along with the other adjustments you’re making, you should rearrange your living space to accommodate your new family structure. A little planning now can make life easier for you and more pleasant for everyone in the household in the challenging months ahead.

The pleasant part of this operation will be that you, as the sole adult in the exercise, will be the boss. You can set things up according to your preferences, to make your life easier. You’ll be assuming extra responsibilities in the days ahead, and time-consuming housekeeping chores should not be a high-priority.

Let’s consider a room-by-room makeover. Changes don’t have to be all made at once, but if you have a final outcome in mind, you can take small steps toward its fulfilment as financing and opportunity become available.

Your bedroom: this is going to be your refuge, your retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world and from the challenges of your new life. It should be decorated in your favourite colours and as comfortable and welcoming as you can make it. Nice to have: a phone, a TV, good books, lots of pillows and whatever else will help you relax. You should have a desk or table where you can keep important papers, records, pay bills, and take care of correspondence.

The children’s rooms: they should choose the colour schemes. There should be a desk for each one to do homework, lots of shelving to make tidying up easier, and a laundry hamper for each child to deposit his dirty clothes. If the child is old enough, he should be responsible for keeping his own space tidy.

When the child can read, it’s helpful to label dresser drawers with what goes into them. Then, they can put their own laundry away.

If children must share a bedroom, they will have to agree on a colour scheme and present you with their decision. They should also have input into how the furniture is arranged. They will be jointly responsible for keeping the area tidy.

Kitchen: meals may be less regulated than before in your former well-ordered life, and that’s OK.

How to Quickly Clear Out Kitchen Smoke from Your Home


Few things are more smelly than a kitchen that has filled up with smoke due to a stove top spill or unattended cooking. Burnt food odours can linger in the air for days, and can permeate into the walls and your furniture if not dealt with right away. Getting rid of kitchen smoke is surprisingly easier than you you might think. All it takes is a little fast thinking and these helpful tips:

Get rid of the smoking food immediately

When we burn something in a saucepan or in a frying pan, our instinct is to quickly fill up the pan with water to stop the smoking. In doing this, we are actually putting more smoke into the air.

The best approach is to get rid of the smoking food or pans immediately by tossing them into the oven. The sealed environment of the oven will put out the fire, and keep the smoke contained. Keeping the item in the oven for at least 15-30 minutes gives the smoke particulates enough time to settle to the bottom of the oven, where they can be wiped up with a damp rag.

Stop the moment of air

After the smoking food or pans have been placed in the oven, the next step is to stop the flow of air through your house.

In a home that is old and drafty, shutting the door will keep the smoke in the kitchen. If your home is newer or has central air or heating, the furnace/AC should be turned off. By turning off the furnace/air conditioning unit and or blower fan, the smoke is contained in the kitchen instead of circulating through the rest of the house.

Exhaust the air

Now is the time to open a window and exhaust out the smoke. Place a box fan or table tan in the ledge of the window, and face the fan so that it is blowing air outdoors. Open the kitchen door slightly, and the fan will draw fresh air in from the rest of the house and use it to propel the smoke outdoors. If your home is tightly sealed, you may have to crack open a living room window so that the fan has air to draw from. Within 5-10 minutes, the smoke will be outdoors and the windows can be closed.

To remove any lingering smell, a can of air freshener such as Lysol or Nok Out Odor Eliminator can help.

Homemade Lavender Oil Wood Cleaner

When I need to clean the wood surfaces in my home I like to make my own homemade wood surface cleanser. The wood surface cleanse that I like to make is the lavender oil wood cleanser. It is very simple to make and really helps clean up wood surface and makes them all shiny and new appearing.

The ingredients you will need to make my homemade lavender oil wood cleaner are 10 drops of lavender oil, 1 cup of water, and 2 cups of olive oil. All of these ingredients can be found in your local health food stores and grocery stores. 

I know sometimes I am able to buy all my ingredients from my local dollar store, which is awesome because I end up spending only 3 dollars on ingredients.

The materials you will need are measuring cups, a mixing bowl with a spout on it so the cleaner is easy to pour, and a plastic squeezable bottle. Now if you do not have these ingredients in your kitchen you can also get these materials in your local grocery store or even dollar store for cheap money.

Now the way you make my lavender oil wood cleaner is by combining the lavender oil, olive oil, and water together in your mixing bowl with a spoon. After you should have a nice lavender scented wood cleaner. Than all you will do is simply pour all of these ingredients into your squirt bottle until you are ready to use it as a nice natural wood cleaner.

The way I personally like to use my homemade lavender oil wood cleaner is by simply squirt some of the wood cleaner dirty onto a rag and than I like to wipe down the wood surface I need to have cleaned. You will notice when you use my homemade lavender oil wood cleaner that it is very gentle on your wood and helps get it shiny. The olive oil in my homemade wood cleaner also helps protect your wood surfaces from water damage and mold which is nice as well.

I do hope those of you who end up making my homemade lavender oil wood cleaner have a very easy time making it, and I hope those of you who use it to clean up the wood in your home like how it cleans. I wish you all the best of luck at cleaning all that wooden furniture in you home!

Do it Yourself Wainscoting in 5 Easy Steps


Wainscoting is the technique of applying wood panels to a chair railing on a wall. There are many different designs for wainscoting to choose from. Go to your local home improvement center and pick out the design that best suits you. Choose a chair railing as well. You might want to even pick out some paint to redo the whole wall at once.

Pry off the baseboard along the walls of the room you are doing. You can save the trim and reuse it if you’re crafty enough to remove it without breaking it, otherwise you’ll have to buy new base. Using a tape measure, measure from the floor up and make a mark. Do this in each corner and snap a line along the wall. If you’re alone use a nail to hold the line in place. Usually wainscoting is around 40 to 48 inches off the ground.

Find the studs using a stud finder or if you don’t have one then poke a nail in the wall behind the wainscoting. Mark the studs location just above the line for the top of your wainscoting. Use liquid nails or a similar adhesive and spread on the wall in a vertical ribbon with a caulk gun. Do about 3 feet at a time and place wainscoting before the caulk dries. When the planks are over the studs nail them to the wall using a finish nail. Nail the finish nail into the groove of the wainscoting, that way the nail will be hidden when the next piece goes over top of it. Tack the first piece and take a horizontal measurement to make sure the pieces fit squarely on the wall. Make sure you have the same measurement on the bottom as you do on the top of the first piece of wainscoting.

When you come to a window or door opening where you have to cut a unique angle, leave off the last piece of wainscoting. Make a mark on the wall where it will fall. Then use a compass and measure the distance between the next piece and the window. Set your compass to that length and hold up the wainscoting to the window. Scribe along with your compass and cut out. You” have the perfect fit for those hard to reach places where you just can’t get a measurement.

Once you have the wainscoting done and all the cuts are made around the windows, you can begin to nail the baseboard on. Start from the left side of a door and continue around counter clockwise. Cut the right hand side of your base board with a 45 degree mitre and cope off the remainder with a coping saw. Use a level to make a mark on the base board from the top of your stud marks you made previously.

Once the base is done now you can add you chair rail. If your chair rail is thick and you plan on painting it, you may just want to 45 and cope all your corners. It will be easier to get a nice corner. If you plan on staining it or it’s very thin, then you will need to 45 each corner to fit. It gives it a more professional look and you tend to see the nicer cut when looking down at the chair railing. If the chair railing is thin you may want to pre drill holes for the nails to prevent splitting.

It’s easy when you learn a few pointers and tips from the pros. In no time you should get the hang of wainscoting. It will last for years to come and give a fancy look to an old room or office.

Decorating Ideas to Bring Spring Inside


The Spring is a great time to re-decorate. Warmer weather and new flowers provide plenty of design inspiration. Why not continue the spring feeling in your home decor? Here are some great ways to give a fresh spring flavour to your home.

Display cut Spring flowers around your home in pretty vases. Daffodils and hyacinths look and smell wonderful. They will bring an instant Spring freshness to your interior space. A unique addition to a floral arrangement are these lovely bird’s nest ornaments to decorate blossom branches. You can learn how to make them on

Continue the floral motif in your wallpaper. There’s a great Floral Bouquet wallpaper available at Target. It costs $47.49 for enough to cover 56 square feet.

Another fun way to decorate in a Spring theme is through floral fabrics. You can make your own cushions with this Robert Kaufman fabric from Hancock’s. If you’re not into sewing, you can buy some floral fabric items. This lovely floral six piece comforter set from Martha Stewart is available on her website.

Not to be overlooked, you can also introduce a spring feeling into your home by painting walls in a vibrant spring color. For instance, these Laura Ashley paints bring Spring indoors with colors like Spring Seedling and Foxglove Blue.

Lastly, some spring cleaning and decorating is an inexpensive way to freshen up your house. Remove heavy quilts and curtains and replace them with lightweight versions. Repaint walls that are smudged. Vacuum the rooms of your house, getting in all the corners. Consider updating a few pieces of furniture. Spring is all about renewal so it is a perfect time for home improvements.


What are some cheap ways to stage my home to sell?

Home staging

Selling your home? Then you might want to stage it without spending too much to maximise your profits. Lucky for you because you’re in the right place.

Staging your home or simply properly preparing it for resale can play a vital role in having your property sold in no time and at the best possible price. To help you get started, below are some of the best ways to stage your home without spending too much. Some of them are even free! Check them out now.


The basic rule is to clean up and declutter. It would be too difficult and almost impossible to stage a house full of unnecessary things, so start off by deep cleaning your home. During the process, choose things you’d want to keep and get rid of those you can. You can either properly dispose them or donate those that you don’t really use or want. 

Pro Tip: Ensure your bathroom and kitchen counter tops are free from clutter as well as from bulky appliances. 


oranised things

While on the process of decluttering, be sure to organise things. Properly store away your personal things, make your bed, fix your dressers and drawers, etc especially during showings and do your best to maintain such. Scrub dirt and grime away from your bathrooms and kitchen surfaces including your tubs and toilets. Windows and floor should be cleaned too.

Pro Tip: Don’t shove stuff into your closet. Instead get some moving boxes and properly store them in your storage room or in the garage. This is because most (if not all) buyers will check on your closets to see if there’s enough storage. 

Keep personal items away.

living room

You need to let potential buyers picture themselves living in your home. This would be impossible to do if you have all you personal items on display like framed family photos. 

Pro Tip: Clear off notes and photos on your refrigerator or computer desk. The less things around, the better.

Let the light in.


Letting natural light in can make a big difference on how your house will be seen by potential buyers. Keep blinds up and tie up curtains as it can make the space look bigger as well as it can highlight the views outside especially if you have a picturesque view to boast. In the event that the view outside isn’t that ideal, you may opt to hang a simple white linen curtain panels that can obstruct the view while allowing natural light to come in. 

Pro Tip: Hang curtains near the ceiling to create an illusion of higher ceilings and bigger rooms.

Paint it off.


While plumbing and electrical should be your top priorities, painting your home is one of the most impactful and cost-effective things that you can do to stage your home. A fresh coat of paint can actually do wonders to your home giving it vibrance and life despite its age. 

Pro Tip: Never use loud paint colours as it can immediately put off buyers. Instead choose a neutral color such gray or off white which will allow the buyers to envision the home in a more neutral hue.

Work on small extra things.

When a buyer sees a lot of small things that needs to be fixed like water stain on the ceiling, burnt out light bulbs and cracked window panes, it set off their inner alarms. Often times, those small things start to raise bigger questions that may break the sale. To avoid being in the same situation be sure to do a thorough check and start fixing those that you can. 

Pro Tip: Fix all chips and cracks in walls and baseboards. Fix dripping faucets and replace non-working light bulbs.

So there you go! I bet you’ve already got a good place to start with home-staging. Good luck!